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Why Join?

Hey there! We're so excited you're interested in joining the Laughlin XL Spouses' Club. This club is all about creating an awesome community for spouses and fiancé(e)s of every rank, grade, and background. It's a place where you can meet some incredible people and form lifelong friendships that will make your time at Laughlin AFB even more memorable.

But that's not all! The club is all about having a blast while making a positive impact. We organize and attend a wide range of activities. Whether you're into adventurous outings, theme dinner, or laid-back get-togethers, there's something for everyone.

And guess what? By joining, you get to give back to the community too! Through our Thrift Shop and fundraising efforts, we raise funds for scholarships and support local charities and projects. It's all about making a difference while having the time of our lives.

So, if you're looking for incredible friendships, exciting events, and the chance to make a positive impact, come check out the Laughlin XL Spouses' Club. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on the fun!

Who Can Join?

We accept all spouses, retired or active duty, as well as Border Patrol and any spouse affiliated with Laughlin AFB.


Annual Dues are $40 per year and $20 at the Mid Year mark in January.


Every month, we offer you the opportunity to have fun and laugh together as a Laughlin military spouse community with our social events as well as our mini clubs that are geared towards what our members love to do!

If you are seeking financial assistance for dues, please email us at


"Laughlin may be small, but it has the largest heart that I have ever seen. This base is surrounded by so many amazing individuals, and it creates a strong sense of community like no other."



"The spouses club has helped me meet so many people I probably would not have met otherwise. It unites spouses base wide, creating long lasting friendships that will carry on even after you leave Laughlin!"



"Laughlin is small, but mighty! This community has welcomed me with open arms since day one, and the Spouses Club was a large part of that. The ability to gather and serve with a group of amazing individuals has allowed me to personally grow here. These are memories to last a lifetime!"



"By joining Laughlin’s Spouses Club, I’ve finally gained the sense of community and belonging that I had previously accepted as a need that would never be fulfilled.
There is a powerful quote that says “Be who you needed when you were younger” (author unknown), and I’d like to think that through the friendships I’ve made at Laughlin through the Spouses’ Club and elsewhere, I’ve been able to become a person that my younger self would not only be proud of, but truly be honored by."



"The Spouses club really help me get out and truly meet some incredible people and gain a better understanding of all military life. Laughlin is small but its mighty and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime."



"PCSing doesn't come without challenges. But the spouses club has made my transition to Laughlin so much better. Recognizing friendly faces around base and town, and getting to socialize and network with the greatest group of spouses has made me feel right at home. I'm looking forward to my first season of socials and all the fun things being put together by the club!"
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