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Welfare Donations &
Community Support

Laughlin AFB Spouses' club (LXLSC) raises money to support Laughlin AFB organizations as well as Del Rio community programs. The LXLSC Welfare Chair is responsible for reviewing Welfare Requests and the LXLSC Governing Board approves groups for funding.


LXLSC follows the Air Force Instruction for Private Organizations, the LXLSC Constitution and By Laws, Internal Revenue Service regulations, and all current Air Force and Laughlin AFB regulations to evaluate requests.


2023/2024 Welfare Requests have ended.

Welfare Requests for 2024/2024 will open on September 1, 2024. 


LXLSC Welfare Request Guidelines (PDF)
LXLSC Welfare Request form (fillable PDF)
LXLSC Online Welfare Request form (online form)
LXLSC Welfare Audit Form 

Please email completed forms to

Please review the guidelines below to complete your request.

Welfare Request Regulations


  • Funds cannot be given to individuals.

  • The requestor must be a non-profit, school, or military organization.

  • Donations cannot support a political candidate or partisan political cause.

  • We typically donate to organizations that have either 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4)

    tax exempt status, which are responsible for charitable, scientific, literary, 

    or educational activities.

  • We may also donate to organizations interested in the common good and

    general welfare of military members and veterans, Laughlin AFB and Del Rio communities. These organizations do not need tax exempt status; however, the Welfare Committee makes every effort to ensure the funds donated are used according to our specified guidelines.

Rules for Receiving and Utilizing Funds:

  • All groups seeking funding should complete the Welfare Request Form - available on our website. Requests may be completed on the website (see Welfare Request (Welfare tab) or emailed to the Charitable Chair:

  • Requests are not considered after an event or welfare need has passed.

  • LXLSC Charitable funds may not be used toward costs of alcoholic beverages provided at events or such as awards ceremonies or fundraisers.

  • LXLSC Charitable funds cannot be approved for “General Operating Funds” or “Salaries.” Monies from the LXLSC Charitable Fund should only be utilized for specific programs, events or services that benefit the common good or morale of military or community members.

  • An audit form is included with each donation letter and check when a group is awarded funding. The audit form is one page and designed to be simple for groups to complete. Our goal is to ensure responsible stewardship by the LXLSC and organizations receiving funds.

  • All organizations receiving funds must return documentation detailing the use of funds. Examples of documentation include copies of receipts, or a description of the number of people served at an event or by a program.

  • Any group that receives funds and does not return the required audit form/ documentation will be ineligible to apply for or receive funds until the form is returned.


Funding Deadlines:

  • ALL Welfare Requests for 2024/2025 year open September, 1 2024.

  • The Earlier you put in your request, the better.  Groups requesting funds for December, January and February events are encouraged to do so by October or November. Once the date of an event is scheduled – the request can be submitted.

  • Audits from funds received need to be returned within 60 days of receiving funds.

  • For questions, please contact

  • Audits may be emailed to the above email OR can be mailed to: Laughlin AFB Spouses' Club LXLSC, Attn: LXLSC Welfare Chair, P.O. Box 421152, Del Rio, TX. 78842


Other Useful Information About the Application Process:

  • The LXLSC Governing Board meets monthly from August – May to evaluate welfare requests. Meetings are typically scheduled on the second Tuesday of the month.

  • All requests are determined on a “first come, first served” basis. Funds are awarded as requests are submitted and approved throughout the year. Funding may be depleted before the end of the fiscal year if demand is great.

  • Groups requesting funds for December, January and February events are encouraged to do so by October. Once the date of an event is scheduled, the request can be submitted.

  • For ongoing or year-round programs, organizations may submit requests at any time but are encouraged to remember the “first come, first served” policy.

  • No group is guaranteed funding approval. Approval is dependent upon eligibility status, compliance with audit documentation, and funding availability each year.

  • Please note while we encourage you to ask for as much as you need special cases of $1000 or more being approved are rare.  This all depends on our fund availability as well as the impact of the funds on the community.

  • The LXLSC Governing Board may approve a group for funding but not award the original amount requested. Requests may be adjusted depending on factors such as funds remaining in the Charitable budget.

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